Why Invest In A Laundromat?

When looking for a small business investment opportunity, the first thing you probably want to know is if it is profitable. When it comes to a laundromat business, the answer to that question is a resounding “yes.” In fact, according to Brian Wallace, president and CEO of the Coin Laundry Association, laundromats in the U.S. see an average ROI of 20-35% (20) 20. Wallace, B. (2014, December 9). Getting Into the Laundry Business [Webinar]. Retrieved October 6, 2015, from  http://www.coinlaundry.org/HigherLogic/System/DownloadDocumentFile.ashx?DocumentFileKey=f0c0f96e-bac9-4baa-b0ed-5e3f40c01e69   — much higher than most alternative investment opportunities. When considering additional benefits such as independence, flexibility, modest costs and recession resistance, there truly is no business like the laundromat business.

A Proven Business Model

Laundromats have been consistent high-return investment opportunities for more
than 60 years.

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Better Than the Rest

With advantages like relatively low startup costs and high success rates, laundromats offer a superior investment opportunity.

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Is It Right for You?

Let us help you determine if your financial situation, goals and expectations are the right fit for the laundromat business.

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A Reliable Tenant

A Speed Queen® laundromat in a commercial real estate space provides many
profitable advantages.

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Coin Laundromats: Uncommon Flexibility with Unmatched ROI.

With a low capital requirement and high ROI (20) 20. Wallace, B. (2014, December 9). Getting Into the Laundry Business [Webinar]. Retrieved October 6, 2015, from  http://www.coinlaundry.org/HigherLogic/System/DownloadDocumentFile.ashx?DocumentFileKey=f0c0f96e-bac9-4baa-b0ed-5e3f40c01e69 , a coin laundry is a stable business opportunity for new investors. See how Speed Queen® is the perfect partner for profitability.

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The Laundromat Business, At a Glance

Get a snapshot view of some of the key benefits that a laundromat investment has to offer, and compare them to other alternative investment opportunities, like franchises and other small business investments. Then, see what steps need to be taken to realize your investment dream.

(19) 19. Speed Queen Financial Services estimates this start-up cost range between $100,000 and $300,000. This is based on an average of thirty percent down payment required on total laundry store development costs for new laundry store transactions.
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A laundromat investment offers outstanding benefits that alternative investment opportunities simply cannot match. Below are just a handful of reasons why entrepreneurs around the globe have found financial success and independence through investing in a laundromat.

A laundromat offers unique investor opportunities and benefits with which many alternative business investments can’t compete. These benefits include relatively low startup costs, low failure rate and tax advantages that come with an equipment-heavy business. The table below gives you a side-by-side view of how a laundromat investment stacks up against other small business investment solutions.

The hardest part of owning your own business is often just getting started. With Speed Queen, we not only show you how to start a laundromat, we guide you through each step. Implemented by true experts in the industry with vast knowledge and experience of the laundromat investment process, this comprehensive program simplifies turning your laundromat business dream into a reality.

1. Determine Your Compatibility

Before you get too far down the road, take a few minutes to make sure that a laundromat investment is the right alternative investment solution for you. Visit the Owning a Laundromat page for examples of a few questions that will help determine if you and a laundromat investment are compatible. Then, visit the Laundromat Overview page to learn more about the details and benefits of a laundromat investment opportunity.

2. Contact Us

Once you’ve decided that a laundromat is the small business investment opportunity for you, get started by contacting Speed Queen. Our industry experts will be your guide and point of contact throughout the rest of your journey. Click here to contact a Speed Queen representative today.

3. Apply For Financing

The surest way to increase your chances for success is to finance your laundromat business through Speed Queen Financial Services. With personalized, laundry-focused programs tailored to your specific needs, our experienced professionals can put you on the right track for optimum profitability. Get your pre-approval process started now. Apply today.

4. Choose a Location

Speed Queen Commercial Real Estate Services, our team of real estate and laundromat experts, will guide you through the entire process of choosing a location. First, they’ll help you decide whether building a new store or renovating an existing laundromat is best for your needs. Then, they’ll run a demographic analysis on various areas to find the site that best fits the criteria for maximum profitability. If you already have a location in mind for your laundromat business, we can do an analysis on that specific site to determine its potential for success. Speed Queen Commercial Real Estate Services can also help you negotiate the best possible lease and terms.

5. Store Layout & Equipment

Unfamiliar with retail design or commercial laundry equipment? No problem. Our experienced team of Laundry Design Service professionals will design a laundromat layout that optimizes the user experience and creates the best opportunity for maximized profits. We’ll also help you select the ideal equipment lineup from our broad range of reliable, high-performance laundry equipment.

6. Permits & Construction

Most Speed Queen distributors will help you find a reliable laundromat contractor and guide you through negotiations, or you can choose to handle these matters on your own.

7. Open for Business

Now that your new laundromat is ready for business, it’s time for the grand opening. Speed Queen offers marketing assistance that can help you get the word out about your new store. But this is your own independent business, so you are free to market and advertise your laundromat as you see fit. All that’s left now is the revenue.

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